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  • 1 November 2018
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I was looking for an answer (or a work around) for a shortcoming with time tracking and came across this gem:

When asked if it was possible to make time tracking mandatory, this was the response:


Sathyanarain Muralidharan

said 4 years ago 
This is there in the roadmap. But right now time tracking for tickets is only optional. 
What in the world must that roadmap look like if 4 years later this has still not been implemented!! I don't mind missing some features or the odd bug, but at the rate of development with this project I'll most likely be retired from the biz before we see the features we need and want.


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same here

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Hello All,

We have recently deployed Closure Rules which will help you to mandate time entries upon ticket closure.

By implementing closure rules, a service agent will not be able to resolve or close a ticket under the following conditions:

  1. Without adding a time entry.

  2. Without closing all the associated tasks.

  3. Without resolving/closing all the associated child tickets. 

For more information, please check out this help article.