Ticket approvals for transferring employees

  • 17 January 2023
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We are running into issues processing approvals for employees that are changing departments.  When an employee changes departments the new supervisor generally submits tickets for their new access before the employee has left their old department so the approval is routed to the outgoing supervisor rather than the new supervisor.  We are wondering if others have run into this issue and if so, how you resolved it.

1 reply

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We use the manager listed in our AD. All approvals go to whomever is listed as their manager. When users change roles I would see it as a business process not technical issue meaning. When someone changes roles there is always a grey area when the person may have a foot in both roles to transition work. 

New manager might request services to prepare for the new role while approvals would still go to current manager or vice versa. For us role changes just operate differently.