Ticket Category Entries Reorganize Themselves

We keep our ticket categories alphabetized.  There is a bug in freshservice that if we add an additional category and save it, it puts it in whatever order it wants.

In order to get it like we want it, we have to delete all of our categories out, save it, and re-paste all of the categories back in and save it again.

Please fix this.

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Hi all,

The issue with the category field has been fixed and the values would be retained in the same order that you save the field.

We apologise as it took longer than expected for the fix to be deployed. Thanks again for everyone's patience while this was being worked upon.



We are still having this issue on all forms, Incidents, Changes and Problems.


I am having the same issue with my categories. I add them alphabetically then when i go back in they have all changed back?


Is there an update on this issue?



We are also experiencing this issue each time we add a new category.  I've tried using notepad, notepad++ and word to do the editing before replacing the text and get the same results each time. I had to submit a ticket to have them alphabetized. 

Just wanted to add to this that I too am still experiencing this issue.

We just went through a changing the values for some of our Dropdown and Dependent menus. It's VERY annoying that it does not save the order in which I placed the values. It's confusing to our agents as they're expecting values to be in alphabetical order, not whatever value we added last at the very end.

I hope the devs at Freshservice have a fix for this in the pipeline sooner than later.

Hi Derek,

Sorry for the trouble caused there, Our devs are already working on fixing this.
Will keep you posted as soon as we fix it :)

Freshservice Support