Ticket Status and Title Carried Over When Splitting Tickets

  • 16 November 2017
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Seems that the Status and Title of the original ticket is carried over into the new ticket. That's a bug. You would expect that splitting a response into a new ticket, would allow you to edit the title before actually creating the ticket and set the status as open by default. 

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2 replies

I agree with you. Sometimes the requester responds to a closed ticket about another issue and if you try to split the ticket it will be created with Closed status and the original subject what is incoherent with the new issue. 

If it is not possible to create a transition screen, the split ticket must be created in Open status at least.  

Hi Roman & Luis!

I'm sorry we missed this thread.

We completely understand the use case that you have mentioned. When we split a ticket, the status and title of the original ticket are retained with the new(split) ticket. We couldn't agree more with Luis's suggestion of bringing in a transition screen that would allow the users to modify the title and status of the new ticket.

We have raised this as an enhancement request with our Product management team. Also, we'll have a support ticket created for this and will keep you posted on the updates in this thread as we make progress.

Once again, sorry for taking a while to get back on this. Please feel free to write to us at support@freshservice.com for further assistance!


Gowtham V

Freshservice Support