Ticket will not generate if there are duplicate tags; case-sensitive tags considered seperate tags

  • 6 December 2018
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Due to the way our FreshService is set up, the tags are, for some reason, case-sensitive - so "PDF" will register differently from "pdf", and "Internet Explorer" is different from "internet explorer".

When I attempt to create a ticket with tags with the same spelling, but with different capitalization (in my case, attempting to generate a ticket with both 'pdf' and 'PDF' as a tag), upon clicking 'Create', all fields will be reset (save the tags) and I will be unable to send another ticket, even if I fill out each field one more time.

Of course, submitting a ticket without repeat tags works fine.

Is this an issue with us, or is it something in FreshService itself?

Thanks for any help,

Jurell Palo

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1 reply

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Hi Jurell,

Thank you for bringing this to our notice. 

We were able to recreate this in our staging instance and have passed this to our Engineering team to figure out the root cause. Will have this fixed at the earliest and     will keep you posted on further updates.