Tracking ISP/Broadband

  • 29 December 2021
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New Freshservice user. I’m looking for best practices for tracking our ISP/broadband services (we have many.)

The closest I can find is to set up ISP as a “hardware” type of Asset, so I can attach a Vendor. That more or less works, but it adds to the asset several things we don’t need.

If I look to set these up as a service (most logical), I can’t associate a Vendor.

If I set up as a Contract, I can’t associate a location.

Ideally, these would be considered Services with an associated Vendor and Location.

Maybe I’m just missing something due to being new to the product.

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Hi @G L, As of now, a product and vendor can be associated only with Hardware and its child type assets. So you could create a custom asset type under hardware for your ISP/Broadband services and add custom fields to store additional details unique to this asset.

Alternatively if you decide to create them as contracts, you could add custom fields to store location data under Admin -> Asset Management -> Contract Types. Let us know your thoughts.