Troubles with MS Edge

  • 23 November 2015
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The tickets filter panel (on the left) not visible in MS Edge browser.


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5 replies

I notice the same problem.

This isn't a problem with Edge not supporting the feature, either. It doesn't always fail to appear.

Using the developer tools to switch browser profile brings up the panel. Switching back to Edge then does bring up the panel as expected.

The panel failing to appear also removes the ability to sort tickets - this is also resolved by changing the browser profile.

Don't know if this is FreshService browser sniffing (bad) or just a bug they need to fix.

Worth adding - Edge may not have huge market share now, but it's installed on more Windows PCs than there are Macs currently in use. It's not okay to fail to properly support a browser with that large an install base.

Refreshing the browser (F5) always solves the issue for us.

Same issue here