Unable to Add inventory once Purchase Order set to received

  • 10 August 2022
  • 5 replies

I am having an issue that once the status for Purchase order is set to received and all items are accounts for, the Add to inventory button remains greyed out.


I have tried created associate ticket and adding as part of the asset received and adding as associate. ut Adding assets to inventory as part of Purchase order  remains greyed out. I am an admin with full access

5 replies


Did you resolve this issue ? I have the same problem. 





This is the same situation for me, what am I doing wrong or is this currently not working?  It’s impossible to associate new stock via the purchase order received status as the button remains greyed out.


Just signed up and ran into the same issue while testing our first PO. Turns out that the Add to Inventory button works fine if there’s only 1 line item in the PO, but if you have multiple, it stays greyed out no matter what.

Very concerning that this has been an issue for at least 3 months with no fix or even a response here.

Having the same issue here as well.. Just received all of my assets from a PO and unable to add to inventory


Found the issue, which is that you cannot add items to inventory that were not selected from your product catalog. You need have the item in your catalog, then while typing in the item field you need to select the item from the list that appears (important that you select it from the list and not just type the name). Meeting these conditions will allow you to add the items to inventory.