Unable to edit CI Type

  • 21 October 2016
  • 2 replies

The Fresh Service agent is reporting most of our Dell Optiplex 9020's as a 'Computer' rather than a 'Desktop' under CI Type. 

When I attempt to change the CI Type, I cannot because the drop-down box is grayed out and unavailable to me. Am I in the wrong area, or is this something that needs to be addressed?

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2 replies

Hi Doug,

I would like to inform you that from Product Catalog, we will be able to change the CI type only if there are no assets associated with it. Please make sure that the CI types are changed in all the assets in active and deleted assets.


With respect to your particular use case, the Product OptiPlex 9020 is linked with the CI type Computer so that all the incoming assets are mapped to the CI Type Computer. Since there are 272 active assets mapped to the product OptiPlex 9020 you will not be able to edit the CI type of the product OptiPlex 9020.


I request you to delete all the assets linked to OptiPlex 9020 from the Admin > Product Catalog and also remove them from the trash and change the asset type to the Desktop and rescan the assets. The assets will come in with the CI Type Desktop.


I believe that your query had already been answered in the Support Ticket. Please feel free to revert, should you face any further queries.

We are evaluating freshservice and I was trying to figure this out.

I imported the asset types and it created a "VMware Virtual Platform" product with type computer.  So I deleted all my assets, change the type to server and re-imported.  It simply created a "VMware Virtual Platform-computer" product with type computer.  I did it once more and it didn't even bother creating a new product just left it blank.  This happened with multiple products that I was trying to cleanup.

So I cant edit the product type, and if I change the asset type in the asset it deletes all the pre-populated fields for serial number and so on from the probe.  How am I supposed to make this work?