Understanding the process of asset management data capture.

  • 24 August 2020
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Once we install the probe or the agent does the data captured get sent to the cloud for reporting or does it go to designated server for reporting? I am unclear and it's been a few years since I used Freshservice.


1 reply

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Hi Pat,

The Freshservice Discovery tools- Agent and Probe help you run a scan of all Hardware assets in your organization and update it in Freshservice regularly.

The Probe installed on your server, automatically scans and identifies any assets in your network through a domain or IP Range scan and once the assets are identified the first time, these assets are then updated periodically based on the schedule that you can control. 

But the agent installed on the hardware asset updates Freshservice with the hardware and software information of the computers in real time and as well as periodically once a week.

In both cases the asset data is pushed into Freshservice inventory where it's stored in our AWS cloud servers.

The updated data is then synced with Analytics reports every 30 minutes.

We hope that clarifies your queries.



Team Freshservice