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  • 19 October 2017
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I want to change a tickets cc_email field via API. I need to do this via the update functionality. Generally I want give non-admin people the ability to view a ticket that somebody else created.

I read a similar post, where people had problems doing this via GUI:


As described in that post I can add people to CC on the web interface by assuming the identity. Now I want to reach the same goal via API.

When I create a ticket I pass "cc_emails": "test1@email.com,test2@email.com" and it works. When I do the same with the update function, I get a HTTP 200 response, but the CC field is still the same.

Is there any way to do this via API?

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3 replies

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Hello Lennart,

The cc_emails attribute is not available for the update ticket API . This is because the CC can be added only when the agents construct a reply/note and the same can be done via API too. But, it is not possible to add a CC without sending a reply/note similar to the UI experience for the agents.


Thanks for the reply,

as far as I know it is not possible to create a reply over API, right?

I also couldn't find any way to add someone in CC via a note, neither on web interface nor API.

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You can find the reply/note api here : Conversations api