Updating Asset State on call closure?

Is there a method an asset associated to a ticket could have the Asset State updated as a result of ticket resolution or closure?  

In order to track hardware that our department needs to loan out to staff, such as laptops, we created additional Asset States such as "On Loan" and "Ready For Loan".  When a Service Request comes in to loan equipment, we associate an asset to the request and change the Asset State to "On Loan" once the staff pick up the equipment.  When it is returned, we can manually go into the associated asset and change the State, but it would be useful if there were a way to automatically update the asset details from closing the service request.

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We currently do not have an option to update the Asset state of the asset associated on ticket closure/resolution.

But we have brought in a tailor-made solution to solve this exact loaner usecase very recently.Please check out this article for more information.


Please let me know if this works and do let us know if you have any feedback on the solution we have provided.


Freshservice Support

Thank you, that appears to be a very useful feature, although is there anyway to filter or list the assets that are in the Loaner category, for overview and reporting purposes?