User can change Requester (field) when creating new ticket

  • 25 January 2021
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We are new to freshservice and are still configuring all our needs before major roll-out. Few users have access to test some features. So this problem occurred that an user could change the requester field (is normally automatically filled in with the logged in user, field ID = ‘ticket_requester_email’) and could create a ticket for someone else. We don’t want this option and want to disable the field. If they want to someone else up to date they should use the ‘CC’ field.


I have searched and saw that few people changed the portal and I hoped this was also possible for the ticket form. (or is it possible in the admin page, but I didn’t find it)


Asked the same question in freshdesk community (my bad)


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2 replies

You can make the Requester email field on the End User Portal "read Only" by adding the below script to the new ticket form. To add the Script Goto Admin->Helpdesk Rebranding->Customise Portal->switch to the "Layout & Pages" Tab -> Click on Portal Pages-> Navigate to the New Ticket Page on the Left Hand Pane and add the script at the very end->Click on Save & Publish. This will make the field readonly and you cannot change the email address as an End User. Hope this helps.

​<script type="text/javascript">

jQuery("#helpdesk_ticket_email").prop( "disabled", true );




This solved my problem

Hi all

Unfortunately the above solution does not work for me. When I manually add a property disabled=”true” to helpdesk_ticket_email it works, but trough the jQuery script it doesn’t (the script does not seem to be running). Any idea where else I can place the script so it does run?
Thanks in advance,

Sander Nelen