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  • 14 May 2019
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Anybody else having issues with Freshservice retrieving emails to turn into tickets?

These are the settings that worked for me previously.

Incoming Mail server: (SSL) (Auth: Plain)

Outgoing Mail Server: (SSL/TLS) (Auth: Login)

This worked fine before, I added a new e-mail and it stopped working.

Also I noticed I am no longer getting the e-mails to verify the new e-mail address.

Note: The info is correct because if I input it incorrectly Freshservice will give an error and not let me proceed/update the information.

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7 replies

I use the same settings except for the outgoing server:

No problems here detected. I have 3 email adresses in FS.

No email to verify new e-mail address is a known issue. Raise a ticket and FS support will do the verification.

Hi Kevin, 

Those settings look right compared to what we have in the system. Email continues to work correctly for me.

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Hi Kevin,     

Looks you have raised a support ticket for this. We checked the internal alerts and there are currently no issues/alerts around mailbox services.    

Please give us sometime to investigate further on this and will get this resolved at the earliest.

Thank you for the reply. Someone finally replied to my ticket. They are still investigating. 

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Hi Kevin,    

Our engineers have identified the cause. The mailbox creation failed to sync the mail ID for processing tickets.  Can you try removing and adding the mailbox again which should make this work.    


Once again,apologies for the inconvenience caused.

this looks like the problem i have since weekend

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Hi Thomas,

We will have one of our Engineers to reach you out on this for further investigation.