Using FreshDesk in conjunction with FreshService

  • 18 February 2015
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 Is anyone else using FreshDesk within your organization for customer support, and FreshService for the organization's internal IT department? Wonder if anyone has tips on how to get them to work well together for a well-rounded support structure for the entire company.

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9 replies

This is exactly what I submitted to the Freshdesk support.  It would be very disappointing if the two platforms could not "talk" to each other.  After all, they are made by the same company, right?

this would be a fantastic selling point that no one, and I mean, no one would be able to match!

Please, please make this happend!

Right now we are using Zapier to get the two to talk primitively


Please, please tell me more and/or send me a link to a doc that explains how this works!

thank you in advance.

Go to and there you can setup web apps that you might want to integrate. It's not a full integration, but does allow you to do some "talking" between the two products.  Its fairly easy to setup the "zap" in Zapier (that is their term for a trigger event in one web app producing an event in another web app).

Using the custom ticket fields in Freshdesk, if an item comes into one department that really needs to be handled by our IT team, a person can check a checkbox to send the item to IT. Using rules, the requester gets an item letting them know the issue has been forwarded on to IT, and it is marked as resolved in Freshdesk.

Conversely, we have used custom fields in the ticket properties of Freshservice so that our IT department can forward items that are intended for another department.   Using Dispatcher rules in Freshdesk, the issues are routed to a group that was selected in Freshservice.

Hope this helps


Thank you Rick for the response, and info.  I will take a look at Zapier to see if this will work for us.

Will keep you posted.

Rick, I took a look at the "zap" add-ons, and this will not work for us unfortunately.  We need to send tasks from Freshservice to Freshdesk so it will show as a To Do on the Dashboard.  Conversely, send any updates within the To Do back to Freshservice.

I did not see anything like this.  I am currently working with one of the Techs at FreshDesk to see if an API will resolve this.

Will keep you posted, and thank you again for your input.


The wait is over. 

Freshdesk launched the app to integrate with Freshservice and we put together a solution article for the same.


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I clicked on the link and it said that the topic had been deleted?


Try this link 

If you are unable to access it, pls goto and look under the Freshservice folder.