webhooks, API's, JSON, and my aching head

  • 6 October 2022
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One of the reasons why I went with FreshService for my company was the drag and drop interface in the workflows.  But as I dive deeper into workflows, I’m finding the drag-and-drop functions are not robust enough for some of the actions I wish to take.  For example, when an email comes in from certain automated systems, I want to change the requestor so that a live person gets the updates.  When a certain type of ticket is resolved, I want to launch a new ticket, passing over key details, for a different team. 

From what I’ve been reading here, this is possible through what looks to me like a seriously complicated approach utilizing API, webhooks, JSON, and possibly magic fairy dust!

We need to be clear, I know absolutely nothing about API’s, Webhooks, or JSON.  I was never able to devote any time to learning this.  I don’t particularly want to learn it now, either, I just want to be able to put something in the workflow that works.

Are there any tutorials or step by step lessons available that would just give the solutions without requiring me to get a bellyfull of developer skills first?

1 reply

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If you found any resources for this, I am interested. We just implemented Freshservice and I’m on a self taught (self-inflicted) crash course on JSON, Web Requests and Web Hooks. I did find this forum for developers.