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  • 11 January 2021
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This may be a basic question but it’s just not making sense to me.

I am going through the user onboarding process and trying to customise it for our company.
As it stands, someone in HR initiates the request including the reporting manager (selected from the staff list).  That then goes to the reporting manager to fill in details etc and submit. The process then creates the master ticket and all required sub tickets.  All of the sub tickets have the original HR staff member as the requester.
What i would want to do is change the sub ticket(s) requester to be the reporting manager. the master ticket can remain with HR.

I was told that i could do this via webhooks.  I haven’t used them before and i have looked at several articles and forum posts. I’m guessing that it is a PUT not a PATCH and I think i have the correct Callback URL “{{ticket.original_id}} ” and i assume i will need to put in authentication (still need to work out where to get that).
What i’m having difficulty with is the content. I just don’t understand the required syntax and i haven’t found an article that explains it well.

If anyone could provide the content to update a ticket’s requester to the reporting manager in onboarding I would be very grateful.



7 replies

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Hey, I was looking to do this with onboarding tickets as well.  What platform are you using to develop this in?  I am using Microsoft Flow.

I believe you just want to use a PUT


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Oh, and I think i tried doing this with onboarding tickets in the past but it failed.  Let me know if you are able to do it manually.


I’m using the Onboarding process built into FreshService.  It’s their system.

Basically I just want the child tickets to either be created with the reporting manager as the requested OR automatically change the requester to the reporting manager after the child ticket has been made.

FS support says i can do it with a webhook but i just can’t work out the syntax to get it to work and they keep pointing me to the same KB that doesn’t help me understand how to create the syntax


I can manually change the requester when working on the ticket (which i’m doing now) but i want to use workflow automations to make sure everyone follows the same process.

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What platform are you using to develop in with the webhooks?  I understand that you are using the Onboarding in FS, are you trying to do this through the Automator?

Hi patrick,

Yes..  everything is in fresh. I just want to change the requester to be the reporting manager.

When I asked FS support they said the only way to do it was with a webhook but keep pointing me to a KB article that I can’t work out what needs to go in the action.  I worked out that the callback should (hopefully) be by searching the forums.  I just don’t understand the syntax to say change the requester to equal the reporting manager.


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OK got it.  You can do it with a webhook, but I don’t think you can do it out of the box with just the automator.  So in order to do this these are the operations that need to happen.

  1. Request hits helpdesk
  2. Application reads the Hiring Manager’s field
  3. Application then gets the Hiring Manager’s ID
  4. Application rewrites the requester with the new Hiring Manager ID

Unless there has been an update I am not aware of, Freshservice is unable to read and take the variables from one area and use it as an input in another area.  What you are looking to accomplish can be done with an external application, but I can’t see a way for it to work out of the box.

Do you have any development experience or a developer at your company who can help you with this?

Like I said I was looking at doing this with Microsoft Flow, which is a decent automation engine for APIs I just have not been able to dedicate enough time to work on this. If you are an O365 customer take a good long look at Flow/Power Automate.