Webinar on Metrics That Matter

  • 8 December 2014
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Please join us for a webinar on metrics that really matter for an efficient service desk and happy customers by Alan Berkson, Director of Community Outreach at Freshservice. 

"All metrics are created equal, but some metrics are more equal than the others..." 

There are 100’s of vanity metrics, buzzwords and KPI’s. However, KPI’s are only valuable if they can provide insight and drive improved execution and satisfaction. IT departments are always constrained by costs and and a constant struggle with balancing urgency and importance in incidents and service requests. At the same time expectations are high and priorities are often not clearly defined or dynamically changed. We’ll take a practical approach to understanding a few key metrics to improve service desk efficiency and improve end user satisfaction. Metrics need to be used not only to improve service levels but effectively communicate ROI for the service desk. 

In this session we will highlight: 

  • Understanding IT Service Desk load and identifying opportunities to reduce it 

  • Analyzing service levels and identifying opportunities to improve them 

  • Defining SLA's for quality service and bridging the gap between expectations and capabilities for higher satisfaction 

  • Keeping management informed with reports that inform, on metrics that matter

Click here to attend the webinar.

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2 replies

I won't be able to attend this webinar but I am interested in the topic - will it be recorded and made available to view at a later date?


You can always view the recorded webinar at a convenient date. You just have to register here and we will send you the link once the recorded webinar is live.