What differentiates organisations as they improve their level of ITSM success?

  • 21 March 2022
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As part of something being written based on AXELOS ITSM Benchmark Report data, the ITSM capabilities of organisations reporting their ITSM success either as “still much to improve upon” or “getting there” were compared.

“The first, and unexpected, trend is that the organisations reported as having “still much to improve upon” predominantly have a higher level of ITSM capability adoption than those seen as “getting there”.” This potentially looks as though resources are being spread too thinly (across ITSM capabilities) in the organisations that rated their ITSM capabilities the lowest.

This was followed up by the analysis of the “working well” ITSM capabilities in these two groups, which restored teh expectations between these levels or reported ITSM success:

“’s likely the mid-tier “relative” increases that offer the best insight into the transition point between an organisation having “still much to improve upon” and “getting there”:
•    Service request management +76%
•    Service catalogue/self-service +75%
•    Change enablement +62%
•    Problem management +57%”

These deltas are how these ITSM capabilities differ, in terms of “working well,” across these two groups.

How does this data sit with your organisation’s ITSM journey? Please respond to help others to see that many organisations still have much to improve upon when it comes to ITSM.

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