What's your IT service desk's key metric?

  • 25 March 2022
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Which of the likely many IT support performance metrics you get from Freshservice do you consider most important for managing and improving IT service desk operations and outcomes?

Please let me and others know as a response :)

2 replies

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@manns One of the metrics we take very seriously is a First Call Resolved metric. This helps us see just how proficient our agents are. It also is a good indicator when we pull the ticket data in conjunction with this to see the types of issues that tend to lead to a successful FCR. We can use this to really gauge the intuitiveness, experience, and expertise of our agents. Add in some customer satisfaction ratings and you get a good picture of what a desired customer experience would look like.

Great topic for discussion!

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I’m with you on the need for more discussion in this area :)

The FCR metric is an interesting one, with it needing CSAT or experience-related metrics to ensure that it isn’t being “played,” with the end-user’s time wasted because a FCR target needs to be met. On the plus side, it certainly helps to reduce end-user lost productivity which drives employee experience.

The introduction of AI-enabled capabilities impacts FCR target levels and potentially continued relevance though (because many of the FCR-friendly tickets are actioned by the technology and the humans are left with the more complicated issues and requests). It will be interesting to see this change play out.