What would you like to learn from our Freshservice experts?

  • 2 August 2022
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We’re looking to host yet another virtual ‘Ask the Expert’ Session - Freshservice Edition and wanted to check with our users what they’re looking to learn and would like help with.

Check out our previous sessions here:

Your thoughts here would help us plan the event better. Take the poll and let us know. If you have other things in mind, share them in the comments section.


What would you like to learn from our Freshservice Expert?

3 replies

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I think it also would really great to do another series on “Automating the Help Desk”! Also lets see what they got related to using Virtual Agents :)

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That’s a great suggestion, Zach!

@suvashini.balashanmugam - this may come of use while planning our session :)

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