Where is your ITSM and IT support going in 2023 and beyond?

  • 5 September 2022
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Given that we’re in September already, I imagine IT planning for 2023 is already in flow (if only for budget purposes). So what are you looking to do better or differently next year?

Or are you still looking for the industry insights that will help you to match changing business needs to the right ITSM industry trends?

Please share via a response thanks :)

4 replies

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That’s a great question @manns. I’d like to see how our members are planning for the next year and to add to that, also curious about how they go about doing this planning.

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Hey @manns, great question. I am going to have to say that we are in the process of rounding out our ITIL practices inside our organization this year by implementing Problem, Change, and Release Management in Freshservice. This is a big undertaking as we will migrate from using other systems or services.

With that, we also want to ramp up our Self-help opportunities for our customers. Starting with a revamp of our Support Portal. 

Basically, its going to be a busy 2023! :)

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For myself working in this new organization and in the midst of deploying freshservice, it would be finalizing the discovery of all the SAAS and software products to get them identified in FreshService and at least a Service Catalog for requesting each of the items. If I can get the business workflow identified for each product that would be a bonus but at least identifying what is used and not is the first step.  Next would be better onboarding and offboarding automation.

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Thanks for the insights @zachary.king and @PatrickMurphy 

What do others have planned (and “nothing” is a legitimate answer)?