Why 2 e-mails (mail for new comment and then mail for resolved) when I solved a ticket ?

  • 18 March 2022
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Hi everyone,

I may find some help here :)

When agents have solved a ticket, they set the ticket as “resolved”
Then requester receive an e-mail with the proposed solution (Event : Agents add a comment to ticket is played)
Then a 2nd e-mail  CSAT to approve or refuse the solution (Event: Agent solves the ticket is played)

I don’t know why Agent add comment event is played.
It should be only Agent solves the ticket, right ?

What am I doing wrong ?



Svāgata !


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Hi @freddddrEqCG5ZjhrelC_aQ4mFdjje7VD8cHK7VH1a478jpeEHCf3xFZqqLzuaSlbQmFHM0IVXLzwivlN6q751nV0JHpa-nGB7x-jLsepeqMTsUeEKhFu_bJkxj-cj5VjsMcfzKwYoXR5-R ,


The agent who is assigned to that ticket would’ve added a public note to the ticket before marking the ticket as resolved, Hence it triggered both the Agent adds comment to the Ticket as well as the Agent solves the ticket notification.

If that is not the case then please reach out to our support team by clicking on the link here.




Aravindsrihari B V.

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Hi @Aravindsrihari 

Yes I think you’re right.
It’s too bad that those 2 mails events are played.
Last action of our agent is to send a last reply to customer with the give solution and at the same time set the ticket as solved.
It will be a great feature if the system instead of sending two e-mails- one for the last public comment and one for the resolved - send only one ticket resolved e-mail with the last comment as the give solution.

I don't think there are any bugs as it is but I will try to adapt to the current Freshservice operation.


P.S. : This is the second answer you have given me and it is very kind of you.
Many thanks