Why can we resolve tickets when there are still tasks not finished.


When we have tickets we can close them even when there are still open tasks.

This doesnt feel correct ?

Any thoughts why this doesnt prevent you from resolving the ticket.

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Hi David, we are currently working on this. Please feel free to check the roadmap section about this functionality. Do let us know for any feedback. 


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Hi David,    

Right now, we don't enforce task dependency on the ticket as tasks mostly would be assigned to different team members or added as action items for the same agent.     

However, we are bringing in closure rules as a feature and you can find more details about it under Product Roadmap forum.  

Meanwhile, you can build custom app to look for open Tasks while resolving Ticket but it still can be overridden through Automation/API.  Please feel free to reach out support for further assistance.

Hello, merging this discussion with the Closure Rules feature post on the roadmap forum.https://support.freshservice.com/support/discussions/topics/327085