Why is FreshService support getting worse?

  • 15 January 2015
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I'm stuck here, and I'm upset.

The past two times I've requested invoices from FS, it's been a horrible experience.

I'm not getting email copies of my invoices, likely because of an email issue on my own side. So, I put in a ticket asking for copies to be resent. I put in the ticket to the web, got no answer for a few days. I emailed in another ticket, referencing my original, and got a response. That response was good, I got my invoices; but, it took most of a week.

This time around, same issue, I'm short one invoice. And it's been a nightmare with support.

I put in ticket 210341 and got zero response for 3 days.
I opened a support chat and got a new ticket, 213565. Got a response eventually, still asking me questions, no invoices sent.

2 more days pass by, no invoices sent. 

I keep confirming I've not gotten the invoices, I keep providing additional email addresses to have FS send to. No invoices.

And this is just a joke - I finally get emails last night, 12 hours after my last email from FS, with links to shared Google docs - WITH NO PERMISSION TO VIEW THEM.

The guy sent me links to my invoices, that I can't access. 

I've also emailed all the representatives email addresses I have in Outlook, and I got no response from them.

This complete and utter failure of a support experience is ridiculous, and will have a serious impact on my decision to consider doing business with FreshService.

What has happened to FS support, and why is it so unacceptably bad?

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4 replies


I am really sorry this happened. Sounds unacceptable to me. We are looking into it at the very moment. I will update you ASAP.



Hi Bill,

 Please accept my apology on our bad support. I assure you , I will take necessary steps to make sure that these delays will not  happen again.  Our Customer Success Manager will touch in with you shortly.  

Thanks and Regards

Shihab Muhammed

Hi Bill, this has been resolved. Let us know if you further questions.


This has not been my experience with support. They have been great.