Why Requester "Email email cannot be one of email config's reply emails"?

  • 17 November 2022
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Why Requester Email email cannot be one of email config's reply emails?


2 replies

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Hello @rama I am sure this is done to protect the limitation of requesters replying to requesters. If you were to take one of your support email addresses, that is selectable as a reply address when replying out of a ticket, and make that email address into a requester then you could technically be trying to reply to a requester from a requester’s email address which is not possible.

This is my thought on this but maybe @sanofar.allahpichai can elaborate.

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That’s right @zachary.king. @rama Having the same address as requester email and email config reply email could potentially result in an infinite email looping between Freshservice and your mailbox. Any email sent to this requester would end up getting created as a new ticket in Freshservice which in turn would trigger a new set of automated email notifications back to the requester resulting in a never ending loop. I hope this clarifies your query.