Workflow Automator : Can we execute external Application POST API call using webservice node in FreshService

  • 2 November 2021
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Hi Experts/Gurus,


Wanted to check if we can implement the following business use case in Fresh Service using the workflow Automator & webservice node?

When Service request (ticket) is created & approved in fresh, can we push the ticket details (requested for , requestor, ticket id, requested items) to third party application using post api call?


Thank you in advance


3 replies

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Hi @dp_devaprakash , you can definitely do this if you have the endpoint/api details of the 3rd party application.


You can use the web request node/ trigger webhook action in workflow and push any details from Freshservice into other applications. 


@Glavin Crasta Thank you for your response, i tried it and its working for post api which accepts basic authentication.

For one of the application, need to pass xsrf-token if we use POST api call, so in this case how can we handle that.



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You could try this. Pass the token in the headers using key below.

Using the CSRF Token

  1. Go to your request that requires the CSRF Token.
  2. Navigate to the Headers tab.
  3. Enter a key of X-XSRF-TOKEN and a value of {{xsrf-token}} , the {{xsrf-token}} value will be populated from our Environment we created earlier.