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  • 5 December 2022
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I’m trying to create actions/tasks from an employee onboarding form. 

The form has several “check boxes” for a user to select requested services/software.

The problem I have with the logic in the automator is if a user checks “Field A” to be true, it doesn’t check for “Field B”, unless I create an incredibly complex automation.

Is there any way of “looping back” into the next step in the automation, if that makes sense?


In the example below, the automation won’t check if the user is agency/contract if “line Manager” is selected to be true:



I’m curious to know if other people have seen this and how they have approached the issue



2 replies

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Thanks for confirming. I’m suprised this is a limitation. Surely everyone has an “onboarding” form with a series of values on it that create tasks based off those values?


Has anyone got any workarounds apart from creating a monumental automation?


This could be solved by adding a “connector” to the workflow automator, so you could connect any “node” to another



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Hey Oliver, 


I've raised this with Freshservice previously that not being able to have multiple conditions from one event causes really complex automations. Currently there is no way round it other than to do this, 




@Jack Day  @suvashini.balashanmugam  here is another example of someone else really needing this feature. hope this helps moves this forward.