Your attachment exceed 25 mb

Anyone receive this warning when just adding text? 

Note was not added. Your attachment exceeded 25 mb.

It started happening within the last couple of days.

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Yep, same here

Hey guys,

We started seeing this with just one agent, and traced it back to him being on a beta build of Google Chrome. When he rolled back to the last production version this bug went away.

Hope this helps!


Ah....I'm using the beta of Edge Chromium.  If I try it with the vanilla Edge then it works fine so it does look browser related.  Cheers Tom!

I'm still receiving this in Edge Dev. Very annoying, and only started happening a little while ago. I've seen the error in either Chrome or Firefox before but not consistently. 

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Hello All,

We do understand your concern. This error has been observed as an issue specifically in the 'Dev' and 'Canary' channel of the Microsoft Edge Insider Channels web browsers. Since they are developer platforms, I'm afraid we don't support them. Kindly try the default version of Microsoft Edge or any alternative browser and your issue should be resolved. Let us know if that's not the case and we'll be happy to check and update you. 

Thank you for using Freshservice!

After today's update for the Dev channel Edge I can now add notes again.

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Hi Wayne,

Thank you for keeping us posted with the updates.

I'm on the Dev channel of Edge and was not seeing this issue before, but I started seeing it today. Please don't dismiss this as "not supported". One purpose of having the prerelease browser channels available is so that website operators can ensure their sites work with upcoming releases. You should at least be determining whether the problem is with the browser or with your site.

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I have also noticed a recurrence of this issue in the past couple of weeks using Edge Dev.  I think originally the issue was something that the Edge team had to fix, so this may once again be outside of freshervice's control, but they should at least be aware of it.  

Hi All,

Our investigations have revealed that the issue does not affect the original version of Edge. 

We would not be able to extend our support to the development version of browsers since fixes deployed are likely to break in the future due to the frequent updates and changes on these browsers.

Best Regards,

Team Freshservice