Zooming in on Android

  • 21 September 2016
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In the android app its possible to zoom in on a ticket, this is necessary when there is a photo attached to it to read the text or zoom in on the photo.

When u zoom in, its hard to swipe to left right or something to see the rest of the photo or text. You then have to zoom out and zoom in on what u want to read or see.

In this movie you can see what i mean.


In the Iphone app this bug has been fixed recently.

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3 replies

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Hey Elbert,

Sorry for the delayed response.

Thank you for sharing us the video. We tried reproducing the scenario at our end but this seems to be working.

Can I suggest you to try updating the app to 2.0.2 and let us know if that helps.

If you still think you have the same issue then please write to support@freshservice.com and we are glad to help you over it.

Hello, i already have the version 2.0.2. But its stille not working.

Maybe you can make it the same as IPhone if u click on image the image loads in a new screen?
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Hey Elbert,

Really appreciate your feedback over this.

I will have this passed to our Product team and fix this at the earliest.