Configuration String for Helpdesk URL

  • 29 January 2019
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I'm using AirWatch as an MDM Solution to push down the Freshservice App to our users and I was curious to find the Helpdesk URL Configuration Strings/Information so I can pre-configure that so my users won't need to search/ask for it. 

I feel as if I just need to know the Configuration Key in the App for the Helpdesk URL so I can enter in its value. 


4 replies

Any update on this?

We have the same requirement. We use meraki, but which MDM solution we use, does not really matter. The point is that the Freshservice app (iOS & Android) needs a central configuration so that, for example, we can automatically pass the URL to any smartphone or tablet.

There is a standard fopr this ... google for "Managed App Config"

Just small changes to your app, but a huge benefit for us.

Thanks in advance!


Has there been any update to this? We are also looking to push out the FreshService app through Airwatch and were looking for the correct value to enter to have the URL pushed.

Thank you


This would be greatly appreciated, some response or feedback. Thanks.

We need this feature now!