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  • 2 August 2020
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Every company has an identity, a style by which they design their website. And you’d want your career site to look like the rest of your webpage. Here’s how you Freshteam can align your career site design to that of your webpage. 

To make some basic changes to your career site: 

  • Head to Settings, and move to Career site.

  • Here, you can update the name of the website, logo, banner image etc.

  • If you have a development team helping you with the website design, you can customize it further by clicking Advanced Settings.

  • Here, you can change the Brand color, font,and form. You can also include your own stylesheet, modify the layout of the page, or customize the appearance of each page. 

  • Now before you publish it, get a preview of how it would look. And once you are happy with the changes, you can Save and Publish it.

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