Employee Directory - CVS Master data with all possible fields described

  • 26 January 2022
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I’m setting up an employee directory and would like to be sure I have all fields needed & keep it simple. 

Where can I find all possible fields with suggested answers (e.g. Employee Type- Full-Time/Part-Time)?

There is a CVS Upload file, but for already selected fields, not all are available.    

Many thanks for advice! 

2 replies

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Hi Malgosia,


 Thank you for writing to us on this forum. Which field on the employee profile would you like to access. You can navigate to Settings --> Employee records and here access all the data points on an employee's profile. The employee records are segregated into Job information, Personal, Compensation and Files. To these pre-defined categories you can add custom sections and then any custom fields depending on the employee data point you are looking to maintain as a record.


Do let us know if you have further clarification. We will be glad to assist. You can also write in your query to or chat directly with our consultants via the in product chat for real time query clarification too :)

Have a great rest of the day and week !






Many thanks, Gautham!