Freshteam integration with Zapier - Feature request

  • 10 February 2022
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Hello Team

Please please consider adding Zapier integration to Freshteams.

All of your competitors have that and its sad we as your customers cant scale our hiring due to its unavailability.

Any plans on this?

5 replies

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Badge Thanks for raising this point here. Unfortunately, Zapier isn’t on our planned roadmap at the moment. However, we would love to understand your use case for Zapier. It will help us understand and prioritize Zapier in future roadmap plans. We would be grateful for your insight if you could reply to this thread or send us an email at with details of how you wish to use Zapier with Freshteam.


Hello guys


Zapier allow us to create a lots of automations with the app we like:


Connect to the dialing software - and have phone screening and followups sorted in one place (like Twillio)

Connect to the file storage (Dropbox/GD etc) - and organize files 

Assessments - very important!! can connect to quite many that we like and need Test Gorilla/Toggl etc 

Mailchimp - to take further email sequences for the lists

Hubspot - to have data organized 

Project & Tasks management - to streamline tasks/updates/reminders etc 

Forms & surveys 


All of these is necessary to have a complete organized and streamlined hiring process 


Badge Thanks for explaining your use cases Anna. We will discuss this with our product team and keep this thread updated.    


This is absolutely still wanted :) Has there been progress on this project?