Hired someone using Freshteam? Add them as an employee in your HRMS, automatically.

  • 2 August 2020
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Let's assume you are someone who uses Freshteam ATS for hiring, but manage your Employee Record in another HRMS. Manually adding the employee records as soon as you hire someone is time-consuming. That's where Webhooks in Freshteam can help.

Before creating the webhook, ensure that you have the following information from your HRMS. 

  1. API Request URL
  2. The ENDPOINT for the usage you want. In this case, creating an employee (Each Software will call this differently. Find out how it is configured in your software and attach to the end of the URL. Eg: Employee Profile/Profile.)
  3. The authorization information. This can be Username - Password, Header Key and Value or OAuth. (If it's OAuth, you would need the help of a developer to set it up. 
  4. The body request content for your HRMS. 

Once that's done, go to the job wherein you'd like to add the webhook.
- View Job Details > Manage Autopilot Workflows

- Select Update HRMS to create a webhook to send details to your HR Portal.
- Name your workflow

 Event:  When a Candidate Gets Moved to a New Stage
 Stage: Hired

 Action: Trigger Webhook
 Request Type: POST


- Enter your Callback/ API Request URL. 

- If your authorization type is Username-Password , enable Requires Authenticationand enter it. 

If it is Key and Value in Header, enter the Name and Value as per the instructions of your HR Software. If it is OAuth, set it up with a developer's help. 

Choose JSON and enter the request code. Freshteam gives you placeholders that you can use to get the information you want from the candidate like Email, First Name, Last Name, etc.
- Please find the list of the placeholders available in Freshteam below. 

- Save the Workflow and get adding! 

1 reply


This is really good to know. But, is there a better way to do this? You can’t  possibly be creating a webhook for every job, and, since job creation is typically done by HR associates, they probably won’t even realise that a webhook has to be created. so, if there is another event trigger, that would be great! Has anyone implemented anything in those lines? If yes, how?