Onboarding in Freshteam

  • 2 August 2020
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Onboarding is not just about providing the welcome kit to the new employee. It is like setting a stage to the employee’s career in your company. It is about providing a welcoming experience, without the intervention of paperwork. It is important that HRs don’t run helter-skelter with paperwork for the new hire. That’s where Freshteam comes in. 

You can, 

- Finish all the mundane paperwork much before the employee’s first day. (Under Settings > Onboarding > Documents)


- Notify people and assign onboarding tasks/checklists to facilitate the entry of the employee. (Under Settings > Onboarding > Checklists)

To get started, ensure that you have enabled Onboarding, under Settings > General > Preferences. 

Once that’s done, you can: 

- Send automatic reminders to different people assigned to an onboarding task or section when they have not completed it. 

- Mark 'Onboarding Completed' against employees who have completed all the onboarding tasks. 

- Set a Probationary Period that your employees have to serve before becoming permanent and ensure onboarding happens in this time-frame. 

Get started with Onboarding right away!

0 replies

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