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  • 24 December 2021
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Through a test candidate profile, we noted that as soon as a candidate was moved from "open" to the next stage, "reviewing" in our case, they were notified that they had been "shortlisted" for the role. This is completely misleading and we'd really like to avoid such situations when we start the official screening process. We only want candidates to be notified when they have advanced to the "recruiter interview" stage onwards. Is there a way to stop this automated email at the "reviewing" stage? 


Appreciate you help.

2 replies

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Hello Jesse,


 Hope you are doing well and wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year !

Regarding the query, I believe there is an automation which has been setup where when the candidate is moved to the ‘Reviewing’ stage, an email notification is being triggered to the candidate. You can navigate to the job posting from the ‘Recruit’ section → Click on ‘Details’ on the job posting → Hiring Workflow → Manage Autopilot Workflow. Here you can check if there is any automation which has been setup to send the above mentioned notification. If yes, you can disable the same.


You can refer to the following screenshots to navigate to the Manage Autopilot workflow section:



If this is not the case, kindly request you to write to us at and one of our consultants could take a closer look at it and assist you with this, Jesse.


Have a great rest of the week !




Also, i want to stop email, mean i have the same issue, but the gautham have described it very well. may now my problem is solved. Thanks gautham