Send online tests to candidates automatically

  • 2 August 2020
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Sometimes, companies like to set a qualifier round, in the form of an online test that is sent to the candidates as soon as they apply. Instead of sending them manually every time a candidate moves to the next stage, you can automate it in Freshteam.

- Go to the Job for which you'd like to set online tests. Navigate to Autopilot workflows.

- Select 'Send online test'. The event is automatically selected. 

- Select the test you'd like to send to the candidates. You can choose to notify the candidate with an email from your end, and notify the hiring manager once the test is completed.
- Hit Save and you are done.

2 replies


Is there a way to add our own tests to this process?  We evaluate candidates using written scenarios.

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My HR manager just asked me for something like this. Is this a app ?
Is there some more instruktions for this ? 

And as @StephanieD asked, can you make your own tests ?