Sub Departments & Business Units

  • 5 May 2022
  • 1 reply


We currently use only the ‘Department’ field, which means that Sub Departments & Business Units are empty in employee profiles (which doesn’t look great), is there any way to get rid of them for now? I don’t seem to see this option in the settings. Many thanks for the advice! 

1 reply

Hi Malgosia,

These fields cannot currently be removed from the profile. I will add this to our product backlog for the future to allow them be removed as you can do with the other fields. There are three options for these fields that might help you:

  1. Leave as you have it with no values in the drop down lists.
  2. Add in one value to the drop down list such as your company name - that way the field will always have a value and wont look as blank.
  3. Rename the fields to another value that you may want to capture as part of the employees profile - such as Category of employee and use it to capture that value. 

I have seen option 2 implemented successfully. I hope this helps and if there is any more we can do please let us know.