Contracts allowing more than 1 software application

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Contracts is a great feature. However, there is a problem which FS can fix.
For example. I buy an autocad software license. The user can either stay on the version they are using, or upgrade version.

In the software management I will see 4 versions of autocad.

But I can only assign 1 version to the contract.





Allow multiple software to be added to a contract.

Calculate the installs of each software (A +B +C = Total)

Easy. Your engineers can do this in 1 day.

Please put it on the list.

CLEARLY this has been ignored for years as it still isn’t possible.

This issue was one of the first I ran into when building out our catalog. I have to create 50 different MS contracts to cover all of our MS products 😡. It also is pointless that you can’t create a software expiration date notification or report on expiry date for a title unless it is tied to a contract. Not all titles are tied to vendor contracts but in order to get the info, I have to create a contract and a software’s ridiculous, and as you said, EASY fixes.

This is a clear MUST and other competitors such as Matrxi42 can do...

Agreed, this is very frustrating having to create multiple contracts for individual software installations, even the 32bit and 64bit variations have to be done separately. I am very disappointed this has been ignored for 3 years. This is something i noticed straight away when we first signed up.

We are just finishing our initial setup of FS and ran into this as well, couldn’t believe you can’t tie multiple versions of the same software to a contract!

For now, we have created contracts for the newest version of the managed software, then added a relationship from the older versions to the newest - hopefully this will be resolved someday.