Dashboard - "My Group Task" Scorecard

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I think it would be a great feature to add a “My Group Task” scorecard to the dashboard. Currently we are only able to see “My Task” scorecard. This could help teams by seeing unassigned tasks in their group. I know emails can be sent out to notify the team when a task is assigned to their group, however, those can get lost when they receive multiple emails throughout the day. 

We need options such as:

    Tasks Assigned to my Group(s)
    Tasks Assigned to my Group(s) with No Assigned Agent
    Overdue Tasks Assigned to my Group(s)

Our managers currently need to have a second entire tab open, and remember to switch to it periodically, in order to view this sort of task information. That runs counter to the entire point of a dashboard, which is to see all the status indicators you need to manage a team at a glance.

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I have requested several widgets updates in the past, no movement yet. Along with these, we also need widgets for alerts and projects.