Emergency and/or after hours ticket notifications

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We are moving from our own helpdesk system to Freshdesk and so far we are enjoying it.

One thing that's a huge deal for us in our existing help desk is the ability to allow a customer to determine if the ticket is an emergency or urgent, especially after our normal support hours.

Basically our support hours are Mon-Fri 9-5 for all issues.

Outside our normal hours, the customer can still submit a ticket and it will be answered during normal business hours.

Here is the important part: If it's after normal hours, and they submit a ticket with a status of "Emergency" then we have our helpdesk send an email to a special email address that makes SMS and other alerts go off on the techs phone and wakes them up.

Is there any way in Freshdesk to allow the customer to submit an urgent ticket after hours and have Freshdesk send the agent alert to a different email address or an additional email address?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

We have the same issue and would like a solution for this


Hi Todd and Mike,

Your requirement can be achieved by making use of Occasional Agents and Dispatch'r rule.
Occasional Agents - agents who can login to your helpdesk and play around for a whole day, by using up a Day Pass.

All accounts have 3 free day passes as soon as they sign up. If the occasional agent never logs in, the day pass will not be used up.  Check this link for more info on day passes.

1. Create a new agent with email "emergency email address" and agent type as "Occasional Agent"
2. Create a dispatch'r rule with "MATCH ALL" conditions :
    a) Created during Non-Business Hours
    b) Status is Emergency
   Action: Send email to agent ; Select the Occasional Agent from To list and set your custom message.

This way, whenever a customer submits a ticket with status "emergency" during non-business hours, an email will be automatically sent to the occasional agent email address that has been configured.

You can also add another condition for created during holidays.
Alternately, by having only "status is emergency" condition, whenever a ticket with status emergency is received - be it business/non business/holiday, any time, an email is automatically sent to the emergency address.