New Solution when closing a ticket

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When I close the ticket, give me the option of creating a new solution article using what I put in the resolution/solution field as a starting point.

We’re currently in the process of building our Solutions Knowledge Base. AI is learning from us so it doesn’t currently give our end users suggestions when they submit a ticket or our agents suggestions when they look at a ticket.  it would be nice if after I close a ticket that I get asked if I would like to create a new solution article from what I put in the solution/resolution field.

That is a great idea, but the only issue I see in this work flow is your basically just creating a shortcut to creating a solution versus doing this manually. However I would take this idea a step further and suggest to have the option to associate your response to other solutions. Essentially helping Freddy AI improve it’s accuracy by associating your response as another utterance.

I’m finding that the suggestions Freddy is sending to requesters are not 100% aligned with solutions that are actually related to the question being raised from inbound requests.

I also I think another good idea is to take a look at Zen Desks workflow as when it auto replies to a customers request with suggestions, it also gives them the option to close the ticket if the suggestion solved the issue.