Ticket Responses from a forward notification

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Possibility to show a notification on the ticket list view when a new response comes in from someone you forwarded the ticket to. Currently, it only shows when the customer responds. We often have to forward a ticket to someone else for approval, both internally in another department or to one of our clients. However, when they reply, no notification or alert shows up in the ticket list view as we wait for a response. We have to constantly keep checking the ticket to see if anyone responded unless it's the customer on the ticket. Or, if we put on a watch, we can receive an email. But, that's too much back and forth. A simple "response received" (or something similar) in the State would be quite helpful.


Hello Angela,

When a ticket is forwarded to an external email address, the reply gets added as a private note in the ticket. So you could create an automation rule to reopen the ticket and send an email to any agent when a private note gets added by a requester in order to notify them.

Navigate to admin-->Automations-->Ticket Updates-->New Rule. 

A sample rule would look like this :