FreshBrew : Product Updates | Customer Stories | Actionable Tips : March 2021

  • 12 March 2021
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FreshBrew : Product Updates | Customer Stories | Actionable Tips : March 2021
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Hello! To begin with, If you're someone who likes to be in the know about how your peers are making the most out of Freshworks' products and love networking in general, you should check out Refresh - The Freshworks Community! (Signing up takes 10 seconds)

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What's new in our products

Create K-Base articles in a breeze  

Create K-base articles in a jiffy using our collection of article templates, with a wide array of content formatting options. 

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Have complete control over calls

Now by viewing the entire lifecycle of the call, you can quickly get the context of every customer call, monitor agent productivity, and identify and fix issues easily!

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Identify Upsell and Cross-sell opportunities better

With Deal Management, CSMs can create, view and track cross-sell and upsell opportunities better, forecast pipelines easier, and achieve annual revenue targets efficiently.  

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The New Rules of Recruiting : 2021


In this current job market that has drastically changed due to the pandemic, learn how to succeed in hiring with the latest hiring tips and hacks that we've put together in this free guide for you.  

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Call me maybe?


Trying to engage with unresponsive customers can be painful, but unfortunately it's not something we can afford to write off. Read on for a few strategies on how to get them talking. 

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Your toolkit to navigate customer support in 2021


In this blog, we’ve listed your ideal support toolkit for 2021, explaining why you need each tool, and how to choose the right one for your team.

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Tales from your peers🤝

Customer stories and case studies

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