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  • 9 March 2021
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Hi Everyone! We’re a small group at this time but we’ll grow mighty.

I had a colleague from another university reach out to me a few months ago simply from seeing my contact email was a “.edu” in a discussion thread here. We asked FW to provide other higher education customer contacts so that we could establish a peer support network for each other to work through the challenges our specific higher education use cases present to us in using and configuring a service desk platform.

Lo and behold, FreshWorks Community was released within weeks of that ask. Coincidence? You be the judge.

Let’s start a thread of group member introductions. I’ll start ……..

3 replies

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The University of Washington is very decentralized in its approach to technology infrastructure. We have a standard backbone, but for service desk platform we are largely on our own in the various schools/departments/programs.

Our FreshService implementation launched for live support with 14 agent groups, and we are launching three more agent groups next month. With all of these groups we have 73 agents. A few of these groups converted from carrying out customer service on a previous platform (BMC Track-It c/s, FreshDesk, and FreshDesk). Most of the agents converted from slinging emails to a ticket platform for the first time.

My department is University Advancement. This department is build in a hub and spoke structure, where many units are central and serve the entire university and the Advancement staff that are embedded within the schools and departments.

One tension we experience combining FreshService with our overall use case is that the distinction between “requester/customer” and “agent” is artificially separate. We are all internal customers of each other. For example, a computing helpdesk agent is an agent for the facilities manager who is a customer when the facilities manager has a keyboard malfunction … but the facilities manager is an agent for the helpdesk staff when helpdesk needs a cubicle adjustment in their workspace (ah, those were the days). In each case, the ticket threads allow the requesting and the fulfillment to proceed - but if you want a list of “customers/requesters” the customers who happen to also work as an agent in another capacity are not included. We work around this but this is an example of how we in the higher education setting press the boundaries of how FresService was designed. We hope to develop some peer support for work-arounds and feature requests that would benefit our multi-faceted users and needs.

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Hello and Welcome @cmcewen ,
Thank you for the amazing “Hello World” post. We love the fact that you shared your personal experience on how you requested or inquired about a platform where you can interact with other like-minded professional and peers, and how within no time Freshworks was able to deliver on it and came up with Refresh Community :relaxed:

We would really encourage other members of this group and community come ahead, introduce themselves and share experiences. We would also want to know what type of topics and content would you like to see in this group.


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@a5haman and @rus.yates-aylott ….. I can’t wait to connect with my fellow “Fresh” colleagues in the Education sector. Will you intro yourselves in this thread?

Chris from University of Washington