What's Your Covid-19 Story ?

  • 8 April 2021
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What's Your Covid-19 Story ?
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2021 is going to be the year of transition. Now that we have started to imagine a world without covid-19 and are settling into 2021, we can all agree that TECHNOLOGY has made a huge impact on all our lives and businesses.


So tell us, What was your 2020 Business Story?


Dont know where to start?  Here are some suggestions :

  • General information about your business and industry.

  • Pain points/challenges faced during 2020/Covid-19 lockdown.

  • Solutions practised to overcome these challenges and adapt to the new normal.



Looking forward to hearing from you!

Team Freshworks Community. 

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2 replies

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We are a green organisation in the Netherlands. Luckily, we we already working in the cloud voor 99%. So when the unexpected lockdown started everybody could continue to work from home.  

Telephone, files, mails, our ticketing service (Freshdesk), it was al no problem and continued as expected. Only the mass-adoption of vIdeocalls had some startup problems because we wanted to use a safe service with end-to-end protection and that didn't really exist at that time.

Safety is a big issue for us, so we were really happy when Freshworks had 2fa enabled; we made it manditory for all our agents as soon as it was enrolled. We are now partly working from office and partly from home - it feels like the new normal now. 


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Thanks for sharing your story! 


Yeah, seems like this “new normal” is here to stay for a while, and great to see that your teams were well prepared to adapt! 


We’re happy that we could do our bit to make things easy for you. We’re all in this together!