#1 What's Up Wednesdays! - Refreshed IT Trends, Updates & More!

#1 What's Up Wednesdays! - Refreshed IT Trends, Updates & More!
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What's Up Wednesdays! - IT Edition #1

The refreshed way of bringing to you latest industry trends, facts, tips, product updates and anything under the sky that's interesting, useful and worth sharing!

Industry Hot Topics:

Today we're going into look into Transformative Work Culture.

The pandemic has just emphasised the need for businesses and their teams to accelerate the pace of change within the business while also encouraging a change mindset into all aspects of their culture, including both technology and the business.

Continuous change is here to stay and the ability to adapt to change is what is the need of the hour.

Here are a few ways by which you can support your employees during these times:

1. Invest in the right technology that would ease and benefit your people and business

2. Train the resources to be able to make best use of the new tools that can aid them in their work

3. Support continuous learning and skill training

4. Ensure wellbeing and work-life harmony

What are some ways by which your business/ organization is adapting to these changed times? What has worked and what has not worked for you? Comment below.

What's Cooking within Freshservice?

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Events to look forward to:


Date Event
June 17, 2021 Freshworks Industry Roadshow: Customer Service Edition
June 17, 2021 Episode 5 of How-To Series on Freshservice | How to: Improve Agent Productivity & Efficiency
June 24, 2021 ON Festival - A People-First Celebration
June 24, 2021 Freshworks Story: Learnings and Best Practices in implementing a Virtual Agent
June 30, 2021 Exclusive tour of Freshservice Project Management for IT teams


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