#2 What's Up Wednesdays! - Refreshed IT Trends, Updates & More!

#2 What's Up Wednesdays! - Refreshed IT Trends, Updates & More!
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What's Up Wednesdays! - IT Edition #2

The refreshed way of bringing to you latest industry trends, facts, tips, product updates and anything under the sky that's interesting, useful and worth sharing!

Industry Hot Topic:

Today's Industry Topic of Discussion is Virtual Agents and their role in ESM.

There is constant change around us. Business priorities are changing. Your user and employee expectations are rising. This means, the way we run our businesses also need to be agile, adaptive and easy. While ESM is being widely adopted by businesses, how can it be made for your end-users?

Modern tools and practices are only effective when your users are able to fully make use of it and find value in these processes and solutions.

AI and virtual agents have been the buzz terms for a while and have found to be effective ways of enhancing ESM experience.

What is a VA?

A virtual agent is a code (usually an AI script) used to enable one-on-one conversations to improve service delivery. Virtual agents are designed using advanced computing technologies like Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, to process and understand the language in which the user interacts and identify the right solution to the user’s problem. Virtual agents leverage a pre-built database, also known as a knowledge base in IT parlance.

How is VA different from a chatbot?

A chatbot, as the name suggests is a bot (or a piece of code) that is fundamentally designed to chat or converse with people. They are designed to engage even without a user prompting them. A virtual agent, on the other hand, is a slightly more advanced software program designed to chat with the customer and help resolve their problems by providing a solution immediately. If the VA cannot solve the issue, it creates a ticket for the same and assigns it to the respective human agent for resolution. A virtual agent is essentially a replacement for a human agent and helps augment the self-service features, whereas a chatbot acts merely as a guide to an end-user.

VAs can supercharge your employee’s ESM experience by several folds as they can provide solutions within a shorter time span, which gives a better experience, reduces load on human agents and reduces the tickets being raised for simple and repetitive requests which can be easily resolved in no-time.

What are some of your thoughts around Virtual Agents? Share them below.


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