#3 What's Up Wednesdays! - Refreshed IT Trends, Updates & More!

  • 18 August 2021
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#3 What's Up Wednesdays! - Refreshed IT Trends, Updates & More!
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What's Up Wednesdays! - IT Edition #3

The refreshed way of bringing to you latest industry trends, facts, tips, product updates and anything under the sky that's interesting, useful and worth sharing!

Industry Hot Topic:

Today's Industry Topic of Discussion is Artificial Intelligence in ITSM.

The pandemic era has unequivocally emphasized the significance of IT as a business enabler. On the flip side, due to the unforeseen workload, your IT team might have to even burn themselves out more than ever.

How can IT teams tackle this challenge?

Enter, Artificial Intelligence.

You can use AI-powered solutions to automate your workflows, help users find answers to issues on their own, or even replace L1 agents! In our survey of over 850 IT leaders worldwide, we found that around 93% are deploying or exploring AI to augment their ITSM and ITOM modernization efforts. Clearly, Artificial Intelligence is the backbone of the modern IT landscape.

Download our report to unlock key insights into what IT practitioners look for in AI-enabled service desk solutions.

How would you leverage AI in your ITSM and ITOM efforts?

What's Cooking within Freshservice?

How can you supercharge your New Employee Onboarding with Freshservice? Find out now!

Watch Episode 1 of our ITOM Series on How to Integrate Any Monitoring Tool to Your Freshservice Instance here.

Access the Freshservice Product Release Note for August 2021 here.

Events to look forward to:


Date Event
August 18 5 steps to manage your SaaS applications effectively 
August 19

Freshservice Virtual Agent | Ask the Expert Session

August 26 Automate request fulfilment and resolve tickets faster using the Orchestration Centre
September 16 Improve MTTR by using Machine Learning for alerts

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